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Presentation of the company  includes the following sections: Company structure, mission, main activities, services, manufacturing capabilities, implemented projects, customer reviews and contact information. The presentation should first of all to emphasize the uniqueness of your company,

Raben logistic presentation catalogue design

See the presentation for the logistic company «Raben»

Export Presentation of «Ukrainian Hoseiry Company»

Presentation Design. What do you need?

Effective? Inspiring? YES!

If you want to develop and build a better contact with your clients, make the first step with your presentation.

If you participate in an exhibition or conference, create a presentation for print.

If you want to email your presentation to your clients, create a @mail presentation.

To create a web presentation, add a link to your email and send it to your subscribers.



Presentation for real estate company London Intercity

I create the presentations for different purposes.

A video presentation works well for the big audience while a short, focused presentation is excellent for a business lunch with your investor interested in numbers.

Create well-designed presentations with targeted content

You don’t need too much text or charts in your presentation. The audience is not interested in reading from the slides. They are interested in your opinion. They cherish interaction with a presenter

Your audience wants the information presented in an accessible and exciting way. That’s why it’s better to cut unnecessary elements and focus on the significant numbers and facts.


 Presentation for Bitcoin
designed for a finance company in the Czech Republic

Let’s focus on important information.

Reticence effect. I build the presentation with many teasers to encourage certain questions from the audience. It is easy to answer your questions.


To get to the mall as a seller you need to tell about your company. Provide your brand concept, describe  your goods, the style of the room design, your target audience of buyers, and most importantly – your uniqueness. I’ll help you do it professionally and effectively.

Milansa Company presentation for the MALL

Watch the presentation for the company «Milansa»

Pro Sport Company PDF presentation for the Trading Center

Watch the PDF presentation for the company «Prosport»

Presentation for a network of gas stations «Socar»

Presentation for a network of gas stations Socar

Presentation for the floristic company «MrRose»

How to develop a presentation to attract the attention of the customers and your partners to your product?

Take into account all details that will make your presentation more than text and images.

Your presentation will reflect the philosophy of your company.

Your presentation can inspire and unite your employees and educate them about the company and its history. The visual story is better than just bare words and phrases. 

You can build your presentation on analogy: your company is a football team. A vivid analogy drives the story, inspires images and even gives rise to inside jokes

Your presentation should translate the data
into visuals and graphics.

Visuals capture more attention. Audience remembers images better than text. The best slide has a telling image with a few words. A slide without text is even better when it speaks for itself. I carefully select images for the presentation to impress the audience and convey your message.

Creative solutions emphasize the content of your presentation.

presentaion design VR mask

I will create a presentation to impress.

Presentation design depends on a combination of attractive graphics and attention teasers. The display should work like a well-oiled machine.

People don’t have time for reading long texts. They prefer graphics, images, pictures with the precise thesis.

Farmak - pharmaceutical company presentation

«Farmak» – pharmaceutical company presentation

presentation of a pharmaceutical preparation

Presentation of a pharmaceutical preparation

The first secret to a successful presentation is «Twitter Headline».

Steve Jobs and many other speakers used it in their presentations. A great example is 2001 headline of iPod “1000 songs in your pocket“. Steve Jobs described his products in one sentence even before Twitter. Text on his slides never exceeded 140 symbols.

Famous writer Daniel Pink employs one sentence to describe his book. When he prepares for the presentation, he asks: “What idea do I want to convey?”

If you can capture your idea in 140 symbols or less, you will help your audience to understand your product and the value it will bring into their lives.



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