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Дизайн бутылки and этикетки для холодного чая, Ice tea bottle and label design

Packaging and Label Design for Bottled Tea «Tealong»

 «Tealong» — is refreshing bottled tea. It energizes and rejuvenates. It is an ideal drink for hot summer days.

The tea is produced at the plant “Rodnik” located near lake Baykal. The tea consists of artesian water, natural fruit and berry syrups, and natural tea.


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Дизайн упаковки чая, Tea package design

Дизайн этикетки для чая, Tea label design

Label and Packaging Design

The label is designed in oriental style because «long» means “a dragon.” The original recipe of the tea comes from Hong Kong.

The beverage is available in four flavors so I’ve chosen different color palette for each label. Each label has oriental images and the logo reminds of Chinese hieroglyphs.

Хочу design в этом стиле
Дизайн упаковки напитка, Drink packaging and label design

Drink good tea with the right ingredients: happiness, joy and great mood!


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ice tea bottle lable design

Разработка дизайна упаковки для чая, Ice tea bottle and label design

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