Car company logo

Logotype of the logistic company

Corporate style of the logistics company «Raben»

Logo for delivery services

When developing the corporate identity for delivery services should not be afraid of bright colors and contrast combinations. They will only enhance the sense of dynamics. Excellent fit blue, orange, yellow colors. They look alive and modern.


The logo for the delivery service must be dynamic and convey the company’s core values: quality and fast service. Dynamic shapes are a circle, diagonal lines, visual effects, creating the illusion of movement.

Logo службы доставки

Logo, brand book of a logistics company «QazaQ». Kazakhstan

Advertising for TOYOTA

Advertising для TOYOTA

Design of an advertising poster for the car company «TOYOTA»

Electric cars are a new progressive word in the automotive world. Interest in this invention is growing and, no doubt, demand will increase every year.
Several years ago I had experience in developing a logo and brand book for one of these companies.

Competition in this area is still not very high, but companies for the production of electric vehicles need high-quality branding to attract new buyers, partners and investors. Logo should reflect the idea of environmental friendliness, environmental protection. Because these values are the main ones for both producers and consumers.

Logo электромобиля

Сorporate identity «UkrEcoAuto»

Yacht logo

Yacht is an attribute of prosperity and beautiful life. Walking on a yacht is associated with a light breeze, splashes of salt water, sun and pleasant drinks. Owners of yachts, as a rule, are people with above average income. For them, the image is important, all surrounding things should emphasize it.

Logo for the yacht is an easy, refined monogram. It can be supplemented with patterns. Fonts fit fine, neat, they should not interrupt the logo, but on the contrary, emphasize it. Yacht logo  which I drew consisted of monogram. In the monogram were included names of three members of the client’s family.

Logo яхты

Logo design for the yacht «Artpolaris»

A huge number of motorists all over the world once again proves the huge potential of the market for new and used cars. The competition in the market is high and therefore, it is necessary to take care of creating the image of the company in the eyes of potential customers. In this case, you only need high-quality branding, not just leaflets and online advertising.

Special attention should be paid to Outdoor Advertising and advertising in the city. You will need to develop signboards, bigboards, citylights.  All components of the advertising campaign should be bright, modern. Then coming to your car dealership, the buyer will receive not only a car, but also a guarantee of quality, image and status.

car showroom logo

Logo, website, brand book of the car center «Bulavka»

Every modern man appreciates his comfort and knows how to wisely manage time. Taxi for it has long been one of the most popular ways to travel. The main difference among your competitors is an easily memorable number, catchy name and, of course, logo.

The main advantages of a taxi service are the car’s delivery to the time and the fast way to the destination. Your logo should reflect these values. Dynamic shape and bright color are the main assistants in creating a visual effect of speed and movement.

Logo службы такси

«Taxi 911» logo

Car service logo

Logo for car service centers

Car service logo design «Paterson»

Design of the website of the car company

Design of the website of the car company is am instrument to attract customers. The main goal of the website is presentation of services and goods. The form, style and content of the website have to target your audience.

Design of the website of the car company is done in blue, silver and metal colors. They are both technical and reserved not to disattract clients’ attention to the content of the website.

Design of the website of the car company «Audi»

Logo магазина шин

Design of the corporate identity, development of the brand book of the tire shop «Autoshiny»

Logo of the transport company

Logo транспортной компании

Logo design, of the corporate identity and of the brand book for «Association of Used Car Dealers»

Agricultural company logo

Logo сельскохозяйственной компании

Logo design for agricultural company «TriA»

Logo of the automotive brand

Logo автомобильной торговой марки

Car logo design company «Trade-In»

Service station logo

All car owners have to take their cars for service regularly. They expect quality and reliability. Сorporate identity of your company has to convey trustworthiness.

Technical blue and grey are preferred colors for a car service. You need to design an outside advertising to make your car shop stand out. Attractive and bright sign will draw attention of the drivers in the cars.

Logo design and business cards for service station «KING Mechanic»

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