Beauty and Fashion

Logo бренда clothes

Deveolpment of the brand book for clothing brand «TITO»

Clothing store logo design

Logo магазина clothes

 «Fashion Group» boutique corporate identity design

Logo магазина clothes

Clothing store corporate identity «Lattori»

Naming development for the clothing collections

Разработка названия для for the clothes collections

Naming and logo development for the clothing collections «LaQal»

Logo for the clothing collections

Разработка логотипа для коллекции верхней clothes

Logo and label design for clothing collection «Belezza»

Logo of the beauty salon

Дизайн логотипа для салона красоті

Beauty studio logo design «Secret Style»

Cosmetic salon logo design

Logo косметологического центра

Cosmetology center «Strekoza» logo design

Logo of the aesthetic medicine salon

logo салона эстетической медицины

Brand book development for the aesthetic medicine center «Goravsky»

Certificate design for the beauty salon

Дизайн сертификата for the beauty salon

Beauty salon certificate and price design «Lady Style»

Hair trading logo design

Скупка волос logo design

Logo design for hair buyer

Logo компании по продаже волос

Logo and website design for hair trading company «UkrHair»

Logo for online diamond trading

Продажа драгоценных камней logo

Logo design for online diamond trading «Diamond Bourse»

Logos for fashion and beauty industry to reflect sense of beauty and grace of exquisite lifestyle.

Logo for the beauty salon, fashion houses expressed in fine and elegant lines with two drops of perfumes instead of clothes.

Logo for beauty clinic expressed in healing music and warm care with personal touch.

Logo for spa, fitness center, spa center combines dynamics and relaxation with a spark of energy for joy and rejuvenation

Corporate identity for hair solons, beauty institutes, model agencies, beauty salons, yoga studios, dance studios is our favorite design order.


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