Logo Creation. Corporate identity. Guideline design, Brandbook

My name is Anton Skrypnyk

In my portfolio more than 200 logos for different companies.

For me, Logo Design is an exciting creative process. How to plan the design process for you to achieve 100% result?


Logo Design. Corporate Style Design

I have been designing brands for more than 20 years.

Here are several key points I use in a logo design process:


Start with your dream. Give me details and visions. Tell me about your business. Why is it important for you? Give me more information; discuss your needs with me so your dream inspires me.


Style of the design. Please, provide more details, attach examples of logos that you like and explain why you like them. What kind of typography you like? What kind of images? What is your preferred color palette? Think about your clients’ preferences and taste. It is a way to create your logo.


If you logo is supported by an idea, it will fly and reach the hearts, minds and wallets of your customers.

Remember that I am is a transformer of your concept and energy. Share your vision and give me guidelines. Visualize your uniqueness, your product, your desire for success:).


Logo Design: from a Concept to the Result

Logos were invented to help customers to distinguish among brands. A trusted is a guarantee of quality for loyal customers. A businessman understands that a logo is a inseparable part of the company’s image. My goal is to create an understanding on both sides. I set out to create a symbol to attract a customer and to inspire a company to develop and grow.





Logo Design: Stages and Process


Fill out a short online brief for logo design. It takes 3 minutes to answer the questions about your ideas and preferences.


I will contact you (@mail, Skype ,Viber) to discuss the details of the project. We discuss the contract and bill you 50% of the project cost.


I prepare drafts. Creation of the logo starts with sketches and drafts. Later I make it in Vector to make image scalable for any kind of printing.






Corporate Style and BrandBook

After a logotype you want to choose elements for you Corporate Style including business cards, sign, website, social account template, etc. I will send you a pricelist if you write to me. Let’s discuss the elements of your Corporate Style.

If your company is bigger than 10 people, I recommend you to have a Brandbook or Guidelines for Corporate Style. It defines the templates design: color palette, typography, photos, elements and frame for the page.  It is an important document because it ensures consistency and recognizability of your style. It will prevent violations and mistakes in templates. It can be shared with your employees in design, marketing, sales departments. It can be send to the publisher, to the advertiser and interior designer.

I have rich experience in BrandBook and Guideline design.

40 brandbooks developed by me on the Issuu.com


Anton Skrypnyk дизайнер


I design and develop brands much more than logos. My goal is to create a complete design for your company, not just a part of it. My goal is to promote and visualize your values to perfect its positioning.


Let’s start a project together!



20 years of experience

in Web & Branding