Creating guideline, brand book, corporate identity

Сorporate identity of the medical center

Сorporate identity для детского of the medical center, Kids medical center corporate identity

Сorporate identity of the kids medical center «Happy»

Дизайн логотипа for the dental center, Dental clinik logo design

Сorporate identity of the dental clinic «Zarcon»

Создание of the corporate identity of the medical center Актив Лайф. Creating a corporate identity Medical Center Active Life

Clinic of sports medicine «Active Life»

корпоративный стиль of the medical center, development of the logoа, The corporate style of the medical center, development logo,

Medical center «Harmony»

гинекологический medical center Ганимед, gynecological medical center Ganymede,

Gynecological medical center «Ganymed»

Construction, engineering, design

Дизайн логотипа инжиниринговой компании, Abacus Engineering - company logo design, copporate identity.

Design of the corporate identity of an engineering company «Abacus»

brand book Vicotec сервис, Brandbook Vicotec service

Service center «Vicotec Service»

Строительный магазин brand book, Building shop brandbook

Hardware store «Domax»

Сorporate identity of IT company

Сorporate identity IT компании 3S Solution

It company сorporate identity design

Сorporate identity of financial company

corporate identity of a financial company Corporate Identity Finance Company

Brand book of financial company «Walton»

Дизайн of the corporate identity of a financial company, Finance company corporate identity and logo design

Corporate design of a financial company «Behive Analytical»

Разработка of the corporate identity and логотипа кредитной компании, logo design, ukraine style, ornament logo, finance company

Corporate identity of a financial company «Pan Kredyt»

Дизайн логотипа of a financial company, Finance company logo design

Corporate identity of management company «Аkkо»

brand book агентства недвижимости, brand book, logo desing for real estate agency, polygraphy

Сorporate identity of real estate agency «INTERCITY», London, Great Britain

Сorporate identity of the restaurant and cafe

corporate identity cafe, logo design бистро, Франция, Ницца Corporate style cafe, bistro logo design, France, Nice

Logo and style of cafe кафе «Kolobok» Nice, France

brand book cafe, Cafe brandbook

Development of the corporate identity for cafe «Kahva»

Сorporate identity вареничной

Сorporate identity of restaurent «Pecheni varenyki»

Снеки для пива икряники corporate identity снеки

Packing, logo, site of snacks for beer «Ikryaniki»

Сorporate identityautomotive, logistics, transport companies

Дизайн of a logistics company «Raben»

Сorporate identity, design of printed products of the logistics company«Raben»

brand book of a logistics company, службы доставки, Brand book for logistics company, delivery service, logo design.

Logo, brand book of the logistics company«Qazaq»


Автомобили с пробегом corporate identity, Owned cars corporate identity

Logo, site, brand book of car center «Bulavka»


development of the brand book для завода по производству дверей, The development of a brand book for a factory for the production of doors

Doors production «Terminus»

Beauty, fashion

Сorporate identity бренда производителя clothes, Corporate identity clothing brand manufacturer

Sale and production of clothing «TITO»

Shops, shopping malls

corporate identity ТЦ designДизайн логотипа of the shopping center, Shopping mall logo design

Shopping mall «NEW WAY»

corporate identity магазина clothes элементы of the corporate identity, визитки, листовка, номерки

Clothing store «LATTORY»

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Соmpany Brand Book and its elements

Brand Identity

  • Logo Guide – Guide for size, color palette, and proper placement.
  • Font Guide – Typestyles to use, and when they’re appropriate.
  • Color Scheme – Specific primary and secondary colors and combinations.
  • Company Template Design – Positioning of logo, letterhead, business cards, press release
  • Web Guidelines

There may be a section dedicated to Communication Tools including press releases and templates.

Communication Tools

    • Tone & Style Guide – defines the tone of your company. Formal, stuffy, casual, approachable, technical? Describes capitalization (or not) of product names, placement of the TMs and Rs.
    • Advertising & Communications Guide – provides templates and guidelines for creating advertising materials.
    • Social Media Guide / Policy – describes policy regarding social media tools and usage. It is important if you have multiple locations with independent operators. Do you have several bloggers?  Who is responsible for a Facebook page?

Corporate Guidelines
What are the goal, philosophy, and mission  of the company. As  your company grows, there are more employees who need the guidelines. If you run a franchise or multi-unit brand, the guidelines unify your voice as one brand.

It nay include:

  • Brand Guardrails / Filters
  • The Brand: Positioning, Characteristics, Promise, Differentiators, Expession
  • Target Audience / Customers describe who your customers are and why they need you.
  • Purpose, Mission Statement, and Values define company  and guide decisions and actions. Values make it easy for your team to stay on-brand.


1. The Logo
Technical parameters of the logo, corporate colors, size, rules of use, basic and additional colors.

2. Company Fonts
Basic font (for headings); Additional font (for writing ordinary texts); Rules for applying fonts.

3. Business Documentation
Corporate and personal business cards, envelopes, letterheads, folders, tables, signs, and badges.

4. Accounting Documentation
Accounting forms, acts, models, contracts.

5. Advertising in Newspapers and Magazines

6. Corporate Uniform
Women’s and men’s uniforms. Winter and summer.

7. Print Materials
Guidelines for presentations, invitations, and booklets. It also includes a presentation on CD-ROM, booklets, postcards, flyers, posters.

8. Navigation
Street signs,  a sign above the company’s central entrance,  direction signs inside offices.

9. Outdoor Advertising

Guidelines for Outdoor Advertising, billboards, transport advertising, light boxes.

10. Promotional Products
Design of promotional products: pens, notes, bags, folders, key chains, etc.


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